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luci-theme-argon (中文)

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A new Luci theme for LEDE/OpenWRT
Argon is a clean HTML5 theme for LuCI. It is based on luci-theme-material and Argon Template


It is strongly recommended to use the Chrome browser. Some new css3 features are used in the theme, and currently only Chrome has the best compatibility.
The mainline version of IE series currently has bugs to be resolved.
FireFox does not enable the backdrop-filter by default, see here for the opening method:

v2.x.x Adapt to official mainline snapshot.
You can checkout branch 18.06 for OpenWRT 18.06 or lean 19.07.

更新日志 2020.09.13 v2.2.5

  • 【v2.2.5】New config app for argon theme. You can set the blur and transparency of the login page of argon theme, and manage the background pictures and videos.[Chrome is recommended] Download
  • 【v2.2.5】Automatically set as the default theme when compiling.
  • 【v2.2.5】Modify the file structure to adapt to luci-app-argon-config. The old method of turning on dark mode is no longer applicable, please use it with luci-app-argon-config.
  • 【v2.2.5】Adapt to Koolshare lede 2.3.6。
  • 【v2.2.5】Fix some Bug。
  • 【v2.2.4】Fix the problem that the login background cannot be displayed on some phones.
  • 【v2.2.4】Remove the dependency of luasocket.
  • 【v2.2.3】Fix Firmware flash page display error in dark mode.
  • 【v2.2.3】Update font icon, add a default icon of undefined menu.
  • 【v2.2.2】Add custom login background,put your image (allow png jpg gif) or MP4 video into /www/luci-static/argon/background, random change.
  • 【v2.2.2】Add force dark mode, login ssh and type «touch /etc/dark» to open dark mode.
  • 【v2.2.2】Add a volume mute button for video background, default is muted.
  • 【v2.2.2】fix login page when keyboard show the bottom text overlay the button on mobile.
  • 【v2.2.2】fix select color in dark mode,and add a style for scrollbar.
  • 【v2.2.2】jquery update to v3.5.1.
  • 【v2.2.2】change request bing api method form wget to luasocket (DEPENDS).
  • 【v2.2.1】Add blur effect for login form.
  • 【v2.2.1】New login theme, Request background imge from, Auto change everyday.
  • 【v2.2.1】New theme icon.
  • 【v2.2.1】Add more menu category icon.
  • 【v2.2.1】Fix font-size and padding margin.
  • 【v2.2.1】Restructure css file.
  • 【v2.2.1】Auto adapt to dark mode.

How to build

Enter in your openwrt/package/lean or other

Lean lede

cd lede/package/lean  
rm -rf luci-theme-argon  
git clone -b 18.06  
make menuconfig #choose LUCI->Theme->Luci-theme-argon  
make -j1 V=s  

Openwrt official SnapShots

cd openwrt/package
git clone  
make menuconfig #choose LUCI->Theme->Luci-theme-argon  
make -j1 V=s  

How to Install

For Lean openwrt 18.06 LuCI

wget --no-check-certificate
opkg install luci-theme-argon*.ipk

For openwrt official 19.07 Snapshots LuCI master

wget --no-check-certificate
opkg install luci-theme-argon*.ipk

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