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  老竭力 e8c3cb7d98 Update 2 weeks ago
  jerrykuku 2e5285979b fix some error 2 weeks ago
  老竭力 701b879682 Update 4 weeks ago
  老竭力 c61385a045 Merge pull request #167 from cartender/pr/brand_name_var 1 month ago
  老竭力 dcc62fae29 Merge pull request #166 from cartender/pr/whitespace_cleanup 1 month ago
  Giovanni Giacobbi a9664a63d4 Introduce variable 'brand_name' to avoid code repeatition 1 month ago
  Giovanni Giacobbi e37523385f Make files headers, indentation and conding style consistent 1 month ago
  Giovanni Giacobbi 9fdcfc866c Clean up trailing whitespace and ensure newline at end of file 1 month ago
  老竭力 c0f98acfa9 Merge pull request #165 from cartender/pr/remove_tm 1 month ago
  Giovanni Giacobbi 40954b5b3a Removed bogus "TM" from the header logo in mobile version 1 month ago
  老竭力 e99f9a100b Merge pull request #164 from cartender/pr/remove_header_hacks 1 month ago
  老竭力 d3828357a7 Merge pull request #163 from cartender/pr/fix_data_indicator 1 month ago
  Giovanni Giacobbi 147b362334 Removed install scripts hacks as they are no longer needed 1 month ago
  Giovanni Giacobbi 53c89d8f02 Fix data indicator formatting to cover also "unsaved changes" indicator 1 month ago
  jerrykuku 8d0bd0bae5 update 1 month ago
  老竭力 a11c0adbe3 Update 2 months ago
  老竭力 df90457cb1 Update 3 months ago
  老竭力 a804c985ab Merge pull request #140 from nuintun/patch-1 5 months ago
  nuintun e52be76581 修复错误的引号 5 months ago
  jerrykuku d71e0271ea fix menu font size 5 months ago
  jerrykuku 2b5079cc1c fix bug 5 months ago
  jerrykuku f65f9e32ac v2.2.5 5 months ago
  老竭力 3d1e6946b3 Merge pull request #127 from jerrykuku/revert-124-master 5 months ago
  老竭力 ced6223496 Revert "Set the theme as the default theme(branch: master)" 5 months ago
  老竭力 7ba20064cb Merge pull request #124 from R3pl4c3r/master 5 months ago
  R3pl4c3r ceebcad64d Set the theme as the default theme 6 months ago
  jerrykuku 893063b7c9 Update Makefile 6 months ago
  jerrykuku afbebe8b39 readme 6 months ago
  jerrykuku a2aa2e0b86 v2.2.4 6 months ago
  jerrykuku 0b2767ddfe Merge branch 'master' of 6 months ago