Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jason A. Donenfeld 4576a753f2 wireguard-tools: bump to 1.0.20200121 1 year ago
  Jason A. Donenfeld ec13b34118 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20200121 1 year ago
  DENG Qingfang 2d758129ca ath10k-firmware: fix mirror hash 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar 76bbe4b960 procd: update to version 2020-01-24 1 year ago
  Felix Fietkau c6c4701def kernel: fix dst reference leak in flow offload 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 07ce940b77 ath79: fix SUPPORTED_DEVICES not matching ar71xx board names 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 071a637276 ath79: move lzma-loader to the end of available RAM 1 year ago
  Roger Pueyo Centelles 6aaa5ce2c5 ath79: add support for MikroTik RouterBOARD wAP G-5HacT2HnD 1 year ago
  David Bauer 26c2556775 ath79: allow to override AR8033 SGMII aneg status 2 years ago
  David Bauer 0d416a8d3b ath79: add QCA955x SGMII link loss workaround 2 years ago
  Roger Pueyo Centelles 7d39946ea0 rbextract: support devices directly showing ERD magic 1 year ago
  Roger Pueyo Centelles ba730d61af rbextract: add package 1 year ago
  Roger Pueyo Centelles 51526bcf1e rbcfg: make package available for ath79 1 year ago
  Felix Fietkau c07f6e8659 hostapd: fix faulty WMM IE parameters with ETSI regulatory domains 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 6fe31abc5a kirkwood: exploit BOARD_NAME to set DEVICE_DTS and SUPPORTED_DEVICES 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler d0d8584b41 sunxi: tidy up and sort alphabetically in image Makefiles 1 year ago
  Kimmo Vuorinen a8723c48ad uboot-envtools: ath79: add support for glinet,gl-ar150 1 year ago
  Kimmo Vuorinen dc6dfaac80 uboot-envtools: ar71xx: add support for gl-ar150/-domino/-mifi 1 year ago
  Kimmo Vuorinen 2c1cfacdde ar71xx: change u-boot-env to read-write for gl-ar150/-domino/mifi 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler a66a1eb9c5 ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA850RE v2 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler b2102be8a5 ar71xx: use dynamic partitioning for TP-Link TL-WA850RE v2 1 year ago
  David Bauer 5f4f269ce1 generic at803x: remove unneeded patches 1 year ago
  David Bauer a8898f1a11 ath79: use upstream properties to disable EEE 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 6eaea3a8ba ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA850RE v1 1 year ago
  Daniel Golle 3d6c571083 mac80211: add support for wds_bridge hostapd feature 1 year ago
  Jonas Gorski 947163b9d2 kernel: sfp: re-attempt probing for phy 1 year ago
  Jonas Gorski 10b12b5d68 kernel: sfp: add two fixes submitted to upstream 1 year ago
  Russell King 46678fbdca mvebu: add uDPU update patches 1 year ago
  Russell King a1358fc7ae kernel: add SFP support for Methode DM7052 NBASE-T module 1 year ago
  Russell King 1c16b574c4 kernel: add backported phy/phylink/sfp patches 1 year ago