1. # Note that the naming of this file is incorrect for our case: these people do not "own" the provided files but are
  2. # people with write-access to this repository (i.e. @Homebrew/core) who wish to be notified of changes to these
  3. # files.
  4. #
  5. # Their review is not required to merge PRs that change these files but just an indication that they wish to follow
  6. # along changes to these files without having to "watch" this repository on GitHub.
  7. #
  8. # To be explicit: we will never accept changes to this file adding people from outside the Homebrew GitHub
  9. # organisation. If you are not a Homebrew maintainer: you do not personally "own" or "maintain" any formulae.
  10. CODEOWNERS @MikeMcQuaid
  11. @MikeMcQuaid
  12. tap_migrations.json @MikeMcQuaid
  13. .github/ @MikeMcQuaid
  14. cmd/ @MikeMcQuaid
  15. LICENSE.txt @Homebrew/plc @MikeMcQuaid
  16. audit_exceptions/permitted_formula_license_mismatches.json @Homebrew/plc
  17. audit_exceptions/provided_by_macos_depends_on_allowlist.json @Homebrew/tsc