Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Felix Fietkau ab90451533 mt76: mt7915: only modify tx buffer list after allocating tx token id 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau 6a3cf95733 mt76: fix tx skb error handling in mt76_dma_tx_queue_skb 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau 289cd78045 mt76: mt7915: add support for rx decapsulation offload 2 months ago
  Felix Fietkau 4b7a68634f mt76: mt7915: add rx checksum offload support 2 months ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 4c0811c647 mt76: mt7915: enable hw rx-amsdu de-aggregation 4 months ago
  Felix Fietkau 0d7564d0d8 mt76: add support for 802.3 rx frames 2 months ago
  John Crispin 200c1b1c23 mac80211: rename csa counters to countdown counters 6 months ago
  Sean Wang 4492d801cb mt76: connac: update sched_scan cmd usage 2 weeks ago
  Sean Wang 96b4c9874e mt76: mt7921: fix uninitialized pointer access in mt7921_get_wtbl_info 2 weeks ago
  Sean Wang 2d7b1d72b4 mt76: mt7921: add flush operation 2 weeks ago
  Sean Wang 2e2cb71901 mt76: mt7921: fixup rx bitrate statistics 2 weeks ago
  Sean Wang 73fce2cbfa mt76: connac: fix up the setting for ht40 mode in mt76_connac_mcu_uni_add_bss 2 weeks ago
  Sean Wang b5228e75e4 mt76: mt7921: switch to new api for hardware beacon filter 2 weeks ago
  Ryder Lee c7d98fc358 mt76: use PCI_VENDOR_ID_MEDIATEK to avoid open coded 3 weeks ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 80a87412e9 mt76: mt7915: fix uninitialized variable in mt7915_tm_set_tx_cont() 2 weeks ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 8da10d6f92 mt76: mt7915: always check return value from mt7915_mcu_alloc_wtbl_req 1 week ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi a75302bcbf mt76: connac: always check return value from mt76_connac_mcu_alloc_wtbl_req 1 week ago
  David Bauer e6c0948ada mt76: mt76x0: disable GTK offloading 2 weeks ago
  Ryder Lee 994893d38d mt76: always use WTBL_MAX_SIZE for tlv allocation 2 weeks ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 781911f167 mt76: mt7921: removed unused definitions in mcu.h 2 weeks ago
  Nigel Christian b59e367747 mt76: mt7921: remove unnecessary variable 1 week ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi ae6473f1d2 mt76: mt7921: enable random mac addr during scanning 3 weeks ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi b09cc86445 mt76: dma: do not report truncated frames to mac80211 2 weeks ago
  Sander Vanheule 2659f6c6ea mt76: mt7615: support loading EEPROM for MT7613BE 3 weeks ago
  Felix Fietkau 892f74d37e mt76: mt7915: fix tx skb dma unmap 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau b0ba039bc2 mt76: mt7615: fix tx skb dma unmap 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau 26658849a4 mt76: mt7615: fix key set/delete issues 2 weeks ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 47eb00e134 mt76: mt7663: introduce coredump support 4 weeks ago
  Sean Wang 5f4f6792fb mt76: mt7921: add coredump support 4 weeks ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 0d95c6ad17 mt76: mt7921: enable MSI interrupts 4 weeks ago