Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Felix Fietkau bbebea7d6d Revert "mt76: fix mt76_rates for the multiple devices" 2 weeks ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 4ccd420295 mt76: mt7921: introduce testmode support 1 month ago
  Ryder Lee ddce309775 mt76: mt7915: remove mt7915_sta_stats 3 weeks ago
  Ryder Lee 8e2d383fbd mt76: mt7915: report tx rate directly from tx status 3 weeks ago
  Ryder Lee 87af8e5c72 mt76: mt7915: cleanup -Wunused-but-set-variable 3 weeks ago
  Ryder Lee f7da394679 mt76 mt7915: take RCU read lock when calling ieee80211_bss_get_elem() 3 weeks ago
  Ryder Lee f1f6569da4 mt76: mt7915: fix an off-by-one bound check 3 weeks ago
  YN Chen 7118eacb7c mt76: mt7921: add .set_sar_specs support 1 month ago
  Bo Jiao 135ef3e982 mt76: mt7915: adapt new firmware to update BA winsize for Rx session 4 weeks ago
  Ryder Lee e63fadb87f mt76: mt7915: report HE MU radiotap 1 month ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 25b4f885a9 mt76: mt76x02: fix endianness warnings in mt76x02_mac.c 1 month ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 41f607cab8 mt76: mt7921: fix survey-dump reporting 1 month ago
  Sean Wang c57158c828 mt76: fix build error implicit enumeration conversion 1 month ago
  Sean Wang 2a65b105ea mt76: mt7921: enable aspm by default 1 month ago
  Leon Yen adfa1b9a3c mt76: connac: fix mt76_connac_gtk_rekey_tlv usage 3 weeks ago
  Bo Jiao 535899f81a mt76: mt7915: fix calling mt76_wcid_alloc with incorrect parameter 4 weeks ago
  Dan Carpenter abda4cded4 mt76: mt7915: fix info leak in mt7915_mcu_set_pre_cal() 1 month ago
  Shayne Chen 5e5e07f0de mt76: mt7915: fix potential overflow of eeprom page index 1 month ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi b8eca74bbd mt76: mt7615: fix endianness warning in mt7615_mac_write_txwi 1 month ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 817761e87c mt76: mt7921: fix endianness warning in mt7921_update_txs 1 month ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 541cd32764 mt76: mt7915: fix endianness warning in mt7915_mac_add_txs_skb 1 month ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 55f314120e mt76: mt7921: avoid unnecessary spin_lock/spin_unlock in mt7921_mcu_tx_done_event 1 month ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 0e40899495 mt76: mt7921: fix endianness in mt7921_mcu_tx_done_event 1 month ago
  Sean Wang c00a9a6b52 mt76: mt7915: fix mgmt frame using unexpected bitrate 3 weeks ago
  Sean Wang 6c70b01005 mt76: mt7921: fix mgmt frame using unexpected bitrate 3 weeks ago
  Sean Wang f517116bf1 mt76: add mt76_default_basic_rate more devices can rely on 3 weeks ago
  Sean Wang ca64a36908 mt76: fix mt76_rates for the multiple devices 3 weeks ago
  Felix Fietkau 7f5ea5e2fd mt7915: check return code of sysfs_create_link 1 month ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 63b114d843 mt76: mt76x0e: fix device hang during suspend/resume 2 months ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 925d96e443 mt76: mt7921: allow chip reset during device restart 1 month ago