Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Felix Fietkau 9d736545bb mt76: mt7915: disable pre-calibration support for now 15 hours ago
  Felix Fietkau 28b162366d mt76: fix calling mt76_get_of_eeprom with an offset for pre-cal data 15 hours ago
  Sean Wang e969ab10a0 mt76: mt7921: add back connection monitor support 5 days ago
  Sean Wang 56518f4a12 mt76: mt7921: consider the invalid value for to_rssi 5 days ago
  YN Chen 30bcb2338c mt76: connac: fix WoW with disconnetion and bitmap pattern 5 days ago
  Sean Wang 2e6e999509 mt76: mt7921: add deep sleep control to runtime-pm knob 5 days ago
  Sean Wang a747b0bb49 mt76: mt7921: enable deep sleep at runtime 5 days ago
  Sean Wang 8ab8c77471 mt76: connac: fw_own rely on all packet memory all being free 5 days ago
  Sean Wang ce5f32d84f mt76: mt7921: Don't alter Rx path classifier 5 days ago
  Sean Wang d2713a5d9d mt76: mt7921: fix mt7921_wfsys_reset sequence 5 days ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi f2d0da8da9 mt76: mt7663: enable hw rx header translation 5 days ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi e423c16f16 mt76: mt7615: free irq if mt7615_mmio_probe fails 5 days ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi af21659ee8 mt76: mt76x0: use dev_debug instead of dev_err for hw_rf_ctrl 1 week ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi 5c2baab92c mt76: mt7615: fix NULL pointer dereference in tx_prepare_skb() 2 weeks ago
  Lorenzo Bianconi aedc3145de mt76: fix possible NULL pointer dereference in mt76_tx 2 weeks ago
  Felix Fietkau 3511fd4303 mt76: validate rx A-MSDU subframes 2 days ago
  Felix Fietkau c7dd54a22e mt76: connac: skip wtbl reset on sta disconnect 5 days ago
  Ryder Lee ff8bbe22dd mt76: mt7915: add .set_bitrate_mask() callback 2 weeks ago
  Ryder Lee 535025d65d mt76: mt7915: cleanup mt7915_mcu_sta_rate_ctrl_tlv() 2 weeks ago
  Dan Carpenter 7dd24b3cfa mt76: mt7915: fix a signedness bug in mt7915_mcu_apply_tx_dpd() 1 week ago
  Evelyn Tsai 998ca8af7d mt76: mt7915: fix tssi indication field of DBDC NICs 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau a9bc4d94b7 mt76: intialize tx queue entry wcid to 0xffff by default 6 days ago
  Felix Fietkau 628eee9c38 mt76: fill queue entry wcid for all skbs with a station 6 days ago
  Felix Fietkau 9e928ac1ea mt76: dma: use ieee80211_tx_status_ext to free packets when tx fails 6 days ago
  Felix Fietkau 35f189cf81 mt76: mt7915: fix uninitialized variable in MSI error handling 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau 18513ba5fb mt76: mt7915: add support for tx status reporting 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau e1f07d7f1c mt76: mt7603: avoid use of ieee80211_tx_info_clear_status 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau 3b4ca5b09e mt76: mt7615: avoid use of ieee80211_tx_info_clear_status 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau 27d468d094 mt76: mt7915: rework tx rate reporting 1 week ago
  Felix Fietkau c6ae95d43e mt76: improve tx status codepath 1 week ago