Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Golle e3ab355dde uboot-mediatek: bpi-r64: make sure eMMC installation runs only once 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle bb98ddc47b mediatek: mt7622: make sure image generation can run in parallel 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle a3288c35ef mediatek: mt7622: blue LED should be active high as well 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle dba979e2dd uboot-mediatek: bpi-r64: fix eMMC installation menu label 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle 2151d89713 mediatek: mt7622: bpi-r64: fix sysupgrade on empty disk 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle ded54ae196 mediatek: mt7622: bpi-r64: simplify eMMC install procedure 1 day ago
  Rafał Miłecki 7a7b2fd809 kernel: add the latest mtd patch extending ofpart parser 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle c58005a943 tools/xxd: fix source URL 1 day ago
  Álvaro Fernández Rojas 584ce6b2a0 bmips: switch to upstream SMP CPU mappings patch 1 day ago
  Sebastian Kemper b2adc7f18c build: prevent dupes in 1 day ago
  Sebastian Kemper 6b7b064492 toolchain/autoconf-lean: add check for ssize_t 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle 2b94aac7a1 tools: xxd: use more convenient source tarball 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle 8e7392b18e mediatek: mt7622: enable CONFIG_SPI_MTK_NOR 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle aaa0203ad4 mediatek: mt7622: rename mt7622-ubi to mt7622-rfb1-ubi 1 day ago
  Rafał Miłecki acbea54bc2 bcm4908: backport Ethernet driver fixes from the 5.12 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle ebcb4f1d0a treewide: fix spelling 'seperate' -> 'separate' 2 days ago
  Stefan Lippers-Hollmann 1ca5de13a1 hostapd: P2P: Fix a corner case in peer addition based on PD Request 3 days ago
  Pawel Dembicki 0d062b6246 mpc85xx: p2020: Fix nand driver probe 6 days ago
  Pawel Dembicki 1d3b1171ae mpc85xx: add testing kernel 5.10 6 days ago
  Pawel Dembicki 76649fd06d mpc85xx: p2020: fix cfi-nor detection 1 month ago
  Alberto Bursi 788ec9a7cf x86: add support for AWS T3 instances 3 weeks ago
  Jan Pavlinec 0c0c9c734d igmpproxy: update to version 0.3 1 month ago
  Donald Hoskins ea6d4bdde2 libunwind: Add MIPS64 dep check 2 weeks ago
  Georgi Valkov 3cc57ba462 uboot-sunxi: add missing type __u64 1 week ago
  Tony Ambardar 92409dda83 bpftools: update to latest stable 5.11.2 6 days ago
  Tony Ambardar b048a305a3 iproute2: update to 5.11.0 1 week ago
  Shiji Yang df1e5d6463 ramips: fix partition layout of hiwifi hc5x61 6 days ago
  Rosen Penev b77f21c98a libpcap: update to 1.10.0 1 month ago
  Rui Salvaterra d0d5fcada9 kernel/zram: remove obsolete symbol 4 weeks ago
  Alexey Dobrovolsky e12fcf0fe5 busybox: sysntpd: option to bind server to iface 1 week ago