Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rosen Penev 56b03ecb5f Merge pull request #14915 from pprindeville/safe-search-fix-scripting-typos 1 day ago
  Rosen Penev e8d431e649 Merge pull request #14905 from neheb/vim 1 day ago
  Bernd Kuhls d216b47dbf libdrm: add option to build the intel driver 1 day ago
  Rosen Penev d5ddc98cb6 vim: fix compile with BUILD_NLS 2 days ago
  Rosen Penev c1ce778dec Merge pull request #14916 from bernhard-voelker/master 1 day ago
  Rosen Penev 2279722f40 Merge pull request #14907 from G-M0N3Y-2503/docker-20.10.3 1 day ago
  Rosen Penev 7b04bc285e Merge pull request #14926 from bkuhls/master-libdrm 1 day ago
  Bernd Kuhls 6d8426b4d5 libdrm: update to 2.4.104 1 day ago
  Bernhard Voelker 3614a520d2 utils/findutils: update to 4.8.0 1 day ago
  Dirk Brenken 79a82bd65d Merge pull request #14917 from stangri/master-vpn-policy-routing 1 day ago
  Gerard Ryan b5ef34f5dd docker,dockerd: Updated to 20.10.3 3 days ago
  Gerard Ryan 0187a8d55a docker,dockerd: Added git-short-commit to verify short commit 1 week ago
  Philip Prindeville 8d09fc0cfb safe-search: fix typos in package scripting 2 days ago
  Jan Hoffmann 4bc7ba7fe8 sqlite3: add option for batch-atomic write support 3 weeks ago
  Stan Grishin b3e98b3c8d vpn-policy-routing: bugfix: netflix user file missing redirect 2 days ago
  Dirk Brenken d7a76b634a Merge pull request #14913 from dibdot/adblock 2 days ago
  Dirk Brenken fbb5cb3391 Merge pull request #14911 from dibdot/travelmate 2 days ago
  Dirk Brenken 215ffbe357 adblock: update 4.1.0 2 days ago
  Dirk Brenken 2b476ffd38 travelmate: update to 2.0.3 2 days ago
  Jianhui Zhao a5fbbb9970 libuhttpd: Update to 3.10.0 2 days ago
  Eneas U de Queiroz 40025d340e Merge pull request #14894 from cotequeiroz/php7-pecl-imagik 2 days ago
  Eneas U de Queiroz d4979cff06 php7: fix build with QUILT 3 days ago
  Eneas U de Queiroz 3476816cc8 php7: fix pecl build with QUILT 3 days ago
  Rosen Penev bc2538a460 Merge pull request #14906 from nxhack/node_14160 2 days ago
  Alexandru Ardelean 8520aba273 mstpd: bump to version 0.0.9 3 days ago
  Rosen Penev d517caaab3 Merge pull request #14901 from cotequeiroz/lxc 2 days ago
  Rosen Penev 5f0762c451 Merge pull request #14902 from stangri/master-vpn-policy-routing 2 days ago
  Stan Grishin 7b04857dcb vpn-policy-routing: update user netflix file 2 days ago
  Eneas U de Queiroz 470176905d lxc: fix build without seccomp if libseccomp built 1 month ago
  Hirokazu MORIKAWA a68820bb74 node: bump to v14.16.0 3 days ago