Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Josef Schlehofer b98471e412 Merge pull request #16194 from miska/snort3-master 1 day ago
  Josef Schlehofer 0bba19ad79 Merge pull request #16280 from 1715173329/dnsproxy 1 day ago
  Rosen Penev f35032c445 Merge pull request #16281 from flyn-org/cyrus-sasl 1 day ago
  Stan Grishin c5fad97b39 Merge pull request #16255 from stangri/master-curl 1 day ago
  Daniel Golle a87236861f ccid: update to version 1.4.35 1 day ago
  Rosen Penev 4c5802158b Merge pull request #16227 from WBNet-Wout/pdns-4.5.1 1 day ago
  W. Michael Petullo a4008e33f5 cyrus-sasl: add optional sasldb package 1 day ago
  Tianling Shen 481540b411 dnsproxy: Update to 0.39.1 1 day ago
  Alexandru Ardelean 2067eab84c openblas: bump to version 0.3.17 and fix ccache build 2 days ago
  Wout Bertrums 398cad2960 pdns: Update to 4.5.1 1 week ago
  Stan Grishin 9e434215e8 Merge pull request #16274 from stangri/master-simple-adblock 2 days ago
  Stan Grishin 699447cdb3 simple-adblock: update to 1.8.7-6 2 days ago
  Stan Grishin 5c2b487336 Merge pull request #16252 from stangri/master-https-dns-proxy 2 days ago
  Rosen Penev d09b3b7327 Merge pull request #16230 from rsalvaterra/transmission-dscp 2 days ago
  Rui Salvaterra 2c90c305a6 transmission: apply DSCP to UDP sockets too 1 week ago
  Tianling Shen b783386890 pyodbc: update hash 2 days ago
  David Bauer 1588ee3c3c clocate: add package 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Golle 2abbf288ed Flash: update to version 2.0.1 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle 7b5b9b9d11 Jinja2: update to version 3.0.1 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle 65c12b3c2f Werkzeug: update to version 2.0.1 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle c30b804842 MarkupSafe: update to version 2.0.1 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle 01620b9cfb click: update to version 8.0.1 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle 6ab3b605cf itsdangerous: update to version 2.0.1 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle c157522580 pyodbc: update to version 4.0.31 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle 1b85a30731 postgresql: update to version 13.3 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle 0a38cb930a opentracker: update to git HEAD 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle 112e5628f4 libinput: update to version 1.18.0 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle 50bb46baaa libudev-zero: update to version 0.5.2 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle e0e5dea89e gpgme: update to version 1.16.0 3 days ago
  Daniel Golle 0876a981c2 libksba: update to version 1.6.0 3 days ago