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Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos 7777f358c8 libtasn1: updated to version 4.2 6 years ago
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multimedia 071481e626 mjpg-streamer: Upgrade to r182-experimental, add patches to remove debug, build additional plugins and minor fixes. 6 years ago
net 2b66b4902d xinetd: socket bind: Invalid argument (errno = 22) when using USERID on ipv6 6 years ago
sound 62031da16a mpd: disable libsoup 6 years ago
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OpenWRT packages feed


This is the OpenWrt «packages»-feed containing community-maintained packages.


This feed is enabled by default. To install all its package definitions:

Run: ./scripts/feeds update packages
Run: ./scripts/feeds install -a -p packages


See LICENSE file.

Package Guidelines

See file.