Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  micmac1 a5d0393940 Merge pull request #615 from micmac1/dah-li-symvers 6 days ago
  micmac1 62328778d5 Merge pull request #614 from micmac1/rpte-symvers 6 days ago
  Jiri Slachta 26245e81b1 Merge pull request #602 from neheb/a 1 week ago
  Rosen Penev 90281b85eb asterisk: fix compilation with 1.2.x 2 months ago
  Sebastian Kemper 89a23c4340 dahdi-linux: fix Module.symvers handling 1 week ago
  Sebastian Kemper 38e16beb65 rtpengine: fix Module.symvers handling 1 week ago
  Sebastian Kemper b6c45fc0d0 rtpengine: build in BUILD_DIR 1 week ago
  micmac1 a419384ef2 Merge pull request #612 from micmac1/glib-rtpen-bump 2 weeks ago
  Sebastian Kemper 78624e5c5c rtpengine: update to 2 weeks ago
  micmac1 611bb9c4e7 Merge pull request #610 from lipnitsk/master 1 month ago
  Ilya Lipnitskiy ea67943314 dahdi-linux: patch to compile with linux >= 5.6 1 month ago
  Jiri Slachta 3fa0c89afd Merge pull request #609 from BKPepe/asterisk-uriparser-disable 1 month ago
  Josef Schlehofer ba73572d3e asterisk: disable uriparser 1 month ago
  micmac1 f929face41 Merge pull request #607 from micmac1/rtpe-up 1 month ago
  micmac1 da8e877450 Merge pull request #608 from guidosarducci/master-fix-uid-error 1 month ago
  Tony Ambardar 442a19214b siproxd: fix UID variable conflict in init 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 71bf69c27d rtpengine: bump to 1 month ago
  Jiri Slachta 4d2bb84647 Merge pull request #606 from micmac1/aster-sup 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 6e8eaf2602 asterisk: add dependency to asterisk-chan-rtp 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper b619c417db Revert "asterisk: link in libdl when linking to liblua" 1 month ago
  micmac1 1000b51246 Merge pull request #605 from neheb/r 1 month ago
  Rosen Penev 63508ca6d8 rtpengine: fix compilation with newer pcap 2 months ago
  Jiri Slachta 655badbc10 Merge pull request #604 from micmac1/ast-lua 2 months ago
  Sebastian Kemper 150b85ab35 asterisk: link in libdl when linking to liblua 2 months ago
  micmac1 9994df7ffd Merge pull request #599 from micmac1/dahto-fix-patch 2 months ago
  micmac1 87085e580c Merge pull request #603 from neheb/f 2 months ago
  Rosen Penev 03415d1b87 freeswitch: fix compilation with CentOS 7 4 months ago
  Sebastian Kemper 951a4a3dae dahdi-tools: remove broken patch, disable unused 2 months ago
  Jiri Slachta 6dd174d3f0 Merge pull request #596 from micmac1/ast-AST03-04 2 months ago
  Sebastian Kemper e538fc3f90 asterisk: add res_timing_timerfd to base package 2 months ago