Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  micmac1 1e2c2bcb5f Merge pull request #641 from micmac1/pcapsipv6 2 days ago
  Sebastian Kemper 3cdc38c909 pcapsipdump: update to svn revision r157 1 week ago
  Jiri Slachta 4ca2b1d5bf Merge pull request #639 from dhewg/bcg729 2 weeks ago
  Andre Heider 4e34b4b0a5 bcg729: update to v1.1.1 1 month ago
  micmac1 41a4c15eee Merge pull request #637 from micmac1/rtpe-lts-8533 2 weeks ago
  Sebastian Kemper b193d9e4cd rtpengine: bump to 3 weeks ago
  micmac1 cfd264f224 Merge pull request #634 from micmac1/fs-modmake-patch 4 weeks ago
  Sebastian Kemper 34e26f180a freeswitch: fix 003-modmake-fix.patch 1 month ago
  micmac1 cda90c0df7 Merge pull request #630 from micmac1/fs-1106 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 601188d0ff freeswitch: rework init & hotplug 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper a34590f057 freeswitch: update to 1.10.6 1 month ago
  Jiri Slachta 04d365ebaf Merge pull request #625 from micmac1/rem-circci 1 month ago
  Jiri Slachta a075f58db6 Merge pull request #626 from micmac1/ast1822 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper d6fe18bcdc asterisk: update to 18.2.2 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 5a916dc351 pjproject: sync patches with asterisk 18.2.2 1 month ago
  micmac1 fc2602ce61 Merge pull request #624 from micmac1/sng148 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 3d7ce779fa CI: remove .circleci folder 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper f1760b3f5c sngrep: bump to 1.4.8 1 month ago
  Paul Spooren 36467b50b0 CI: add GitHub testing of Pull Requests 2 months ago
  micmac1 c6e238e23e Merge pull request #623 from micmac1/fr-uc 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 539d7629f9 spandsp3: bump to 2020-10-19 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 9779a57e56 sofia-sip: bump to 1.13.3 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 0a7d9e2bf8 libks: bump to 1.7.0 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 22f617a32e freeswitch-mod-bcg729: use PKG_SOURCE_DATE 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 4d8e02f4af freeswitch: clean up after uclibc* removal 1 month ago
  Jiri Slachta 967c9df8b2 Merge pull request #619 from neheb/cxx 1 month ago
  Jiri Slachta f84419ed34 Merge pull request #621 from micmac1/pjp-ast-5 1 month ago
  Sebastian Kemper 6d6dd129aa pjproject: drop autoreconf, run make dep 2 months ago
  Sebastian Kemper f7fe759fe2 pjproject: add patch for AST-2021-005 2 months ago
  Rosen Penev 13fd0a5ab9 treewide: remove uClibc++ support 2 months ago